Mayfair Quarters


Mayfair Quarters negotiates preferential rates and benefits for its members covering airlines, hotels, ground transport, hire cars, leisure, entertainment and a growing list of other useful concessions. Simply follow the links from our website for a simple to use, convenient service that guarantees you pre-negotiated rates designed to make significant savings to your travel, entertaining and office costs.

Alongside this, and with the help of recommendations from its members, Mayfair Quarters has selected a key group of suppliers who form a Services Directory. This Directory enables members to cut down on due diligence as they are able to obtain references for each supplier from other members.

So, whether you are  setting up a new office office, or just need to change a particular service provider, it couldn’t be easier. Join Mayfair Quarters and you will find there are contacts for every service that you might require; from Office Search to IT Services; Benefits Providers to HR Specialists; Restaurant Delivery Services to Venue Hire. Hopefully whatever you need for the smooth running of your office is at your finger tips, and if it isn’t, Mayfair Quarters will go out and source it for you.

As discounts and benefits can also be used for personal use, you will get to take advantage of our concierge service, which will help you source holidays, weekend breaks; or getting the best price from our manufacturer and dealers discounts on cars.

We have thought of everything and can look after you 24 hours a day; saving you time and money.

There is an annual membership fee to join Mayfair Quarters. This is very quickly offset by taking advantage of the rates and discounts available through the website.