Mayfair Quarters

About us

Mayfair Quarters is an outsourced procurement business where companies can take advantage of corporate rates and discounts by being part of an aggregated buying group.  The combined volumes of our clients, however large or small means their business contributes to the great discounts negotiated across a range of different services.

Mayfair Quarters is partnered with CMT and Meon Valley Travel  We can look after business and personal travel for our clients, including holidays.

With contacts across a range of businesses, corporate rates at hundreds of hotels it’s the perfect stop for any business looking for corporate level deals on their travel, events and employee benefits. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of the corporate deals negotiated by Mayfair Quarters.

So whether you’re booking business travel, holidays or buying a new car, we will look after all the detail, extend our discounts to you while you get on with the other important things in your life.

In March 2019, the company was the pioneer of the initiative that has already seen schools benefit from the furniture and tech of many of their clients.


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